Bank exam preparation Set – 2


Online preparation of Bank PO/Clerk competitive exams. Here is general awareness question answer for all type bank exam preparation. You can download as pdf file from giving blow link.

  1. A proclamation of National Emergency automatically suspends–
    (A) All Fundamental rights (B) Right to Freedom 
    (C) Right to Constitutional Remedies (D) No Fundamental right 
    Answer: Right to Freedom 
  2. The Indian Constitution was amended for the first time in– 
    (A) 1953 (B) 1950 
    (C) 1951 (D) 1952 
    Answer: 1951 

    3. The Ninth Schedule of the Constitution of India was– 
    (A) added by the 24th Amendment (B) added by the 7th Amendment 
    (C) added by the 1st Amendment (D) added by the 42nd Amendment 
    Answer: added by the 1st Amendment 

    4. Hwang Ho river flows through which one of the following cities– 
    (A) Beijing (B) Ho Chi Minch City 
    (C) Shanghai (D) Manila 
    Answer: Shanghai 

    5. The waterfall ‘Victoria’ is associated with the river– 
    (A) Amazon (B) Missouri
    (C) St Lawrence (D) Zamvenzi
    Answer: Zamvenzi

    6. Who is the present RBI Governor? 
    (A) D Subbarao (B) YB Reddy 
    (C) Arun Ramnathan (D) Rakesh Mohan 
    Answer: D Subbarao 

    7. RRB is not yet established in which states? 
    (A) Bihar and Rajasthan (B) Sikkim and Arunachal Pradesh 
    (C) Sikkim and Goa (D) Nagaland 
    Answer: Sikkim and Goa 

    8. Ghori directed his first invasion against–
    (A) Multan (B) Sindh
    (C) Punjab (D) Anhilwara
    Answer: Sindh

    9. Bengal passed from The Palars to the control of a new dynasty, the Senas. Where did the Senas come from?
    (A) Orissa (B) Kamrupa
    (C) Central India (D) The Deccan
    Answer: The Deccan

    10. As regards the use of international food safety standards as reference point for the dispute settlements. Which one of the following does WTO collaborate with? 
    (A) Codex Alimentarius Commission (B) International Federation of Standard Users 
    (C) International Organization of Standardization (D) World Standards Cooperation 
    Answer: Codex Alimentarius Commission 

    11. The Chandella King who in his old age is said to have sacrificed his life at the Sangam in Prayag was–
    (A) Dhanga (B) Vidhyadhara
    (C) Harsha (D) Yasovarman
    Answer: Vidhyadhara

    12. Shankaracharya was mainly a–
    (A) Shaiva (B) Vaishnava
    (C) Shakta (D) Sauro pasaka
    Answer: Shaiva 

    13. In which one of the following Indian states is the Tsanyang Gyastso biosphere reserve located? 
    (A) Arunachal Pradesh (B) Asom 
    (C) Mizoram (D) Sikkim 
    Answer: Arunachal Pradesh 

    14. Which one of the following can convert the alternating current into direct current? 
    (A) Transformer (B) Motor 
    (C) Dynamo (D) Rectifier 
    Answer: Rectifier 

    15. Power of two bulbs are 50 Wand 100 W which are connected in series. Then 50 W bulb will– 
    (A) glow brighter (B) glow less than 100 watt bulb 
    (C) glow dim (D) not glow 
    Answer: glow dim 

    16. The phenomenon of bursting of hydrogen balloon is based on– 
    (A) Charle’s law (B) Boyle’s law 
    (C) Henry’s law (D) Bernoulli’s theorem 
    Answer: Charles law 

    17. Which one of these is a federal feature of the Indian Constitution? 
    (A) A written and rigid constitution (B) An independent judiciary 
    (C) Vesting of residuary powers with the centre (D) Distribution of powers between the centre and states 
    Answer: Distribution of powers between the centre and states 

    18. Which of the following features of the Constitution of India resemble the American Constitution? 
    (A) A written constitution (B) Single citizenship 
    (C) Integrated judiciary (D) Parliamentary form of government 
    Answer: A written constitution 

    19. The word ‘socialist, secular’ and ‘unity and integrity of the Nation’ were added to our constitution by– 
    (A) 44th Amendment (B) 38th Amendment 
    (C) 42nd Amendment (D) 50th Amendment 
    Answer: 42nd Amendment 

    20. The great Asian river Mekong does not run through– 
    (A) China (B) Malaysia 
    (C) Cambodia (D) Laos 
    Answer: Malaysia 

    21. Itaipu Dam built on the River Parana is one of the largest dams in the world. 
    Which of the following two countries have this as a joint project? 
    (A) Brazil and Peru (B) Paraguay and Ecuador 
    (C) Brazil and Paraguay (D) Colombia and Paraguay 
    Answer: Brazil and Paraguay 

    22. On the recommendations of Kelkar Committee, no new RRB has been established since– 
    (A) April, 1987 (B) April, 1989 
    (C) April, 1990 (D) April, 1988 
    Answer: April, 1987 

    23. Where are the headquarters of SIDBI? 
    (A) Lucknow (B) New Delhi 
    (C) Bengaluru (D) Mumbai 
    Answer: Lucknow 

    24. Which of the following did not form a part of the donations made to the temples?
    (A) Money (B) Slaves
    (C) Livestock (D) Land
    Answer: Slaves

    25. The Maratha Saint who exercised a profound influence on the minds of his countrymen and inspired them with ideals of social reform and national regeneration was–
    (A) Eknath (B) Tukaram
    (C) Samarth Ramdas (D)Vaman Pandit
    Answer: Samarth Ramdas


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