GK Preparation for CAT/IIM/XAT Exam – Set 1


Online GK preparation for CAT/IIM and XAT exam 2015. It is a important general knowledge question and answer for forthcoming exams.

1. The angle between the geographical meridian and magnetic meridian is called—
(A) Angle of dip (B) Angle of declination
(C) Angle of inclination (D) None of the above
Ans : (B)

2. What is the currency of Mexico?
(A) Lira (B) Peso (C) Mexican dollars (D) Krones
Ans : (B) 

3. The Vice-President is elected by an electoral college consisting of—
(A) only elected members of both Housed of Parliament 
(B) only Rajya Sabha members 
(C) all members of Parliament and State Legislative Assemblies 
(D) all members of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha 
Ans : (D) 

4. The father of modern biology is— 
(A) Aristotle (B) Darwin (C) Mendel (D) Vesalius
Ans : (A) 

5. Which of the following seeds will normalize blood sugar level? 
(A) Coriander (B) Mustard (C) Cumin (D) Fenugreek
Ans : (D) 

6. Which company’s famously advertised vision statement is ‘The Network is the Computer’?
(A) Cisco Systems (B) Lucent Technologies
(C) Sun Microsystems (D) Nortel Networks
Answer : (C)

7. The software company I-flex Solutions was originally a division of which famous financial services company?
(A) Citicorp (B) ICICI (C) HSBC (D) ABN Amro Bank
Ans : (A)

8. It was the brand that made David Ogilvy famous. Which shirt brand’s ads had the famous man with an eye patch in the 1950s, which catapulted David Ogilvy to fame? 
(A) Van Heusen (B) Arrow Shirts (C) Hathaway (D) Dockers
Ans : (C) 

9. Dr. Pepper is a famous brand of—
(A) Iced tea (B) Peppermint (C) Soft Drinks (D) None of these
Ans : (C) 

10. Which among the following substances is used as a lubricant? 
(A) Quartz (B) Silica (C) Graphite (D) Nickel
Ans : (C) 

11. The weight of an object will be minimum when it is placed at—
(A) The North Pole (B) The South Pole (C) The Equator (D) The center of the Earth
Ans : (D) 

12. Earth quake waves travel fastest in— 
(A) Soil (B) Molten rock (C) Water (D) Flexible rock
Ans : (C) 

13. Marlboro Cigarette is owned by—
(A) ITC (B) Godfrey-Philips (C) Philip Morris (D) British American Tobacco
Ans : (C) 

14. Who is the CEO of Microsoft? 
(A) Bill Gates (B) Paul Allen (C) Larry Ellison (D) Steve Ballnes
Ans : (D) 

15. In which one of the following states of India is it legal for a Hindu male and illegal for a Muslim male to have more than one living wife?
(A) Nagaland (B) Goa (C) Himachal Pradesh (D) Arunachal Pradesh
Ans : (B)

16. Where did Buddha die? 
(A) Lumbini (B) Kusinagara (C) Pavapuri (D) Magadha
Ans : (B) 

17. What was the main difference between the Indus Valley Civilization and Vedic Civilization? 
(A) Indus Valley Civilization was urban, while the Vedic Civilization was rural. 
(B) “Pipal” tree was worshiped in Indus Valley Civilization, while “Burgad” tree was worshiped in Vedic Civilization. 
(C) The main emphasis in Indus Valley Civilization was on trade while in the Vedic Age was on religion. 
(D) Indus Valley Civilization believed in non-violence while Vedic Civilization had no hard and fast rules about violence. 
Ans : (A)

18. All of the following are constituents of RNA molecule except— 
(A) Adenine (B) Guanine (C) Thymine (D) Uracil
Ans : (C) 

19. One of the following is not an Insurance Company—
(A) ICICI Prudential (B) HDFC Natwest (C) OM Kotak Mahindra (D) Birla Sun Life
Ans : (B) 

20. Which of the following companies was forced to shutdown its digital music service because of music industry lawsuits for piracy? 
(A) Musiccity (B) Morpheus (C) Livewire (D) Napster
Ans : (D) 

21. Who is the current Defense Secretary of the United States of America? 
(A) Donald Rumsfeld (B) Colin Powell (C) Mr. Ashcroft (D) Dick Cheney
Ans : (B) 

22. Beech King and Cessna are popular models of—
(A) Cars (B) Aircraft (C) Ships (D) Transport vans
Ans : (B) 

23. Which antibiotic can cure Anthrax, if detected at an early stage? 
(A) Amoxycillin (B) Erythromycin (C) Cephalospirin (D) Ciprofloxacin
Ans : (D) 

24. The farmers of _______________ were involved in violent protests against falling rice prices and US-led globalization as symbolized by WTO? 
(A) France (B) Indonesia (C) Denmark (D) S.Korea
Ans : (D) 

25. Which of the following chemicals has been recently allowed by the Government of India to be mixed with petrol? 
(A) Methanol (B) Ethanol (C) Kerosene (D) Butanol
Ans : (B) 

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