GK Preparation for CAT/IIM/XAT Exam – Set 2


Online preparation of IIM, CAT and XAT exam. It is important selected questions for general knowledge preparation.

1. Which multinational packaged food company has an equity stake in Britannia?
(A) Danone (B) Heinz (C) Frito Lays (D) Schweppes
Ans : (A)

2. Who is the chairperson of Bharti Group?
(A) Raj Mittal (B) Alok Mittal (C) Sunil Mittal (D) Ramen Mittal
Ans : (C) 

3. The point at which solid, liquid and gaseous forms of a substance co-exist is called—
(A) sublimation point (B) distillation point (C) triple point (D) melting point
Ans : (C)

4. “Everything from cancer to heart attacks. Covered for 70 paise a day,” is the baseline of an advertisement by—
(A) Birla Sun Life (B) Cancer Institute WIA
(C) ICICI Prudential Life Insurance (D) OM Kotak Mahindra Life Insurance
Ans : (C)

5. Which Indian woman was recently included in the Fortune magazine’s global list of 50 most powerful women in business? 
(A) Lalita Gupte (B) Meena Venkatesh (C) Rama Bijapurkar (D) Tina Ambani
Ans : (A) 

6. As per the recent Global Competitiveness Report from the World Economic Forum, which country replaced US as the most competitive economy in the world? 
(A) Canada (B) Sweden (C) Finland (D) Singapore
Ans : (C) 

7. What is common to Bethlehem Steel, Polaroid and Swissair? 
(A) All companies owned by GE 
(B) All recently applied for bankruptcy protection 
(C) Their founders committed suicide 
(D) All of these companies were recently targets of successful hostile takeover 
Ans : (B) 

8. Which famous CEO was featured in the endorsement ad for Microsoft XP with the quote, “When I saw Windows XP in action, I was amazed. How did Microsoft get hold of my wishlist?”?
(A) Ratan Tata (B) Azim Premji (C) N R Narayana Murthy (D) Arun Jain
Ans : (C)

9. Which automobile major has made a debut in the Formula One racing circuit in 2002 with its team led by the drivers Allan McNish and Mike Salo?
(A) Honda (B) Jaguar (C) Saab (D) Toyota
Ans : (D) 


10. Which is the third highest peak in India?
(A) Kanchenjunga (B) Nanga Parbat (C) Gasher Brum (D) Dunagiri
Ans : (B)

11. Which is the largest airport in the world? 
(A) Singapore airport (B) International airport at Kaula Lumpur
(C) Heathrow at London (D) King Khalid at Saudi Arabia
Ans : (D) 

12. In which year did Alexander the great die? 
(A) 332 B.C (B) 328 B.C (C) 323 B.C (D) 356 B.C
Ans : (C) 

13. Which billionaire businessman has been elected Mayor of New York, replacing the popular Rudy Giuliani? 
(A) William Clay Ford (B) Larry Ellison (C) James Walton (D) Michael Bloomberg
Ans : (D) 

14. Which insurance company, launched recently in India, will be using Snoopy from the cartoon series Peanuts in its advertising? 
(A) Aviva (B) HDFC Standard (C) MetLife (D) Sun Life
Ans : (C) 

15. Which is the home country of the famous design firm Ikea? 
(A) Finland (B) Sweden (C) Switzerland (D) Denmark
Ans : (B) 

16. ‘One world. One family. One festival’ – is the slogan used in advertising— 
(A) Chinese New year (B) Hong Kong’s annual shopping festival
(C) Dubai’s shopping festival (D) None of these
Ans : (C) 

17. Which famous company started as Asahi Optical in 1919 – before adopting its current name in 1957? 
(A) Yashica (B) Asahi Glasses (C) Pentax (D) Nikon
Ans : (C) 

18. What brand name was given , in 1924, by the Mayor of Tokyo when he released the first watch produced by Shokosha Watch Company? 
(A) Seiko (B) Citizen (C) Tissot (D) None of these
Ans : (B) 

19. The advertisement of which product carried the baseline ‘Mom said, “Always boil the water”. Moms are seldom wrong’—
(A) Ion Exchange (B) Zero B (C) Ford Ikon (D) KLM Airline
Ans : (C) 

20. Who has authored the latest business best-seller *Big Brands, Big Trouble? 
(A) Al Ries (B) Laura Ries (C) Naomi (D) Jack Trout
Ans : (D) 

21. Which company owns the famous cigarette brands Charminar and Charms? 
(A) Godfrey Philips (B) Philip Morris  (C) ITC (D) VST Industries
Ans : (D) 

22. What is the name of the instrument used to measure blood pressure? 
(A) Barometer (B) Hygrometer (C) Hydrometer (D) Sphygmomanometer
Ans : (D) 

23. Which of the following countries fought the first of the opium wars? 
(A) Russia – China (B) Britain – Indonesia
(C) China – Britain (D) Japan – China
Ans : (C) 

24. Nicolas Leonard Sadi Carnot, the noted French physicist is associated with what branch of study? 
(A) Thermodynamics (B) Sub atomic particle theory (C) Superconductivity (D) None of these
Ans : (A) 

25. Identify the odd man out 
(A) Standard and Poor (B) Moody’s (C) Forrester (D) ICRA
Ans : (D)

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