Solved question paper – MP PSC exam 2012


Madhya pradesh PSC general studies solved question paper of pre exam 2012 paper first. Download MP PSC exam solved question paper in pdf format. This exam held on 24 february 2013.

  1. Nagarjun Sagar Dam is situated in which State of India ?
    (A) Tamil Nadu (B) Andhra Pradesh
    (C) Karnataka (D) Orissa
    Ans : (B)

    2. The Himalayan Mountain Ranges are not a part of which of the following States ?
    (A) Uttarakhand (B) Uttar Pradesh
    (C) Sikkim (D) Himachal Pradesh
    Ans : (B)

    3. Which of the following is the general direction of flow of summer monsoon in India ?
    (A) From South to North
    (B) From South-West to South-East
    (C) From South-East to South-West
    (D) From South-West to North-East
    Ans : (D)

    4. What is the sex ratio of India as per the provisional data of census of India 2011 from the following ?
    (A) 935  (B) 940
    (C) 945  (D) 950
    Ans : (B)

    5. Which one of the following is the first National Park of India ?
    (A) Kanha National Park (B) Dudhwa National Park
    (C) Rajaji National Park (D) Corbett National Park
    Ans : (D)

    6. Alaska is a part of which State from the following ?
    (A) Greenland (B) United States of America
    (C) Canada (D) Russia
    Ans : (B)

    7. In which of the following continents the Andes Mountain Range is located ?
    (A) Australia (B) Europe
    (C) South America (D) North America
    Ans : (C)

    8. The Equator does not pass through which of the following countries ?
    (A) Kenya  (B) Mexico
    (C) Indonesia  (D) Brazil
    Ans : (B)

    9. Which of the following cities is known as the ‘City of Canals’ ?
    (A) Amsterdam (B) Rome
    (C) Venice (D) Athens
    Ans : (C)

    10. Which one of the following Indian States does not share border with Bhutan ?
    (A) Sikkim (B) Meghalaya
    (C) Arunachal Pradesh (D) West Bengal
    Ans : (B)

    11. Which one among the following is incorrect statement about the Constituent Assembly ?
    (A) It worked with the help of a large number of committees, the most important among them being the Drafting Committee
    (B) Minority communities like Christians, Anglo-Indians and Parsis were adequately represented in the Assembly
    (C) It was elected on the basis of universal adult franchise
    (D) Its electoral process was based on the sixth schedule of the Act of 1935 which allowed for a restricted franchise based on tax, property and educational qualification
    Ans : (C)

    12. The party system is the part of which larger system among the following ?
    (A) social system (B) Economic system
    (C) Political system (D) International system
    Ans : (C)

    13. Reserve Bank of India issues currency notes against which of the following ?
    (A) Gold (B) Foreign security
    (C) Government of India security (D) All of the above
    Ans : (D)

    14. The Consultative Committee of Members of Parliament for Railway Zones is constituted by which of the following ?
    (A) President of India (B) Ministry of Railways
    (C) Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs (D) Ministry of Transport
    Ans : (C)

    15. Which one of the following is the period of 12th Five Year Plan ?
    (A) 2007-2012 (B) 2012-2017
    (C) 2010-2015 (D) 2006-2011
    Ans : (B)

    16. In India, National Income is computed by which of the following ?
    (A) Planning Commission (B) Ministry of Finance
    (C) Central Statistical Organisation (D) Reserve Bank of India
    Ans : (C)

    17. Who among the following is associated with ‘White Revolution ?
    (A) P. J. Kurien (B) Verghese Kurien
    (C) M. S. Swaminathan (D) M. S. Raghunathan
    Ans : (B)

    18. Which of the following Banks is the Central Bank of India ?
    (A) State Bank of India (B) Bank of India
    (C) Union Bank of India (D) Reserve Bank of India
    Ans : (D)

    19. Who among the following was the Speaker of first Lok Sabha ?
    (A) G. V. Mavalankar (B) K. M. Munshi
    (C) G. B. Pant (D) Acharya Kriplani
    Ans : (A)

    20. Which of the following is not a public sector undertaking/enterprise ?
    (A) N.T.P.C.  (B) S.A.I.L.
    (C) B.H.E.L.  (D) T.I.S.C.O.
    Ans : (D)

    21. Where among the following is the biggest indoor stadium situated in M.P. ?
    (A) Gwalior  (B) Indore
    (C) Bhopal (D) Jabalpur
    Ans : (C)

    22. Subrato Cup is associated with which of the following ?
    (A) Football (B) Cricket
    (C) Chess (D) Badminton
    Ans : (A)

    23. Which Olympic Swimmer amongst the following has won 18 Gold medals in his career ?
    (A) Michel Phelps (U.S.A.) (B) Florent Manaudov (France)
    (C) Cullen Jones (U.S.A.) (D) Ian Thorpe (Australia)
    Ans : (A)

    24. Mary Kom is a recipient of–
    (A) Bronze medal in 2012 Olympic (B) Arjun Award
    (C) Padma Shree (D) All of the above
    Ans : (D)

    25. Who among the following is the Chairman of Madhya Pradesh Sports Council at present ?
    (A) Kailash Vijay Vargiya (B) Shivraj Singh Chauhan
    (C) Tukoji Rao Pawar (D) Vikram Varma
    Ans : (C)

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