SSC CGL Mains (Tier-2) Exam Preparation Strategy for Maths


The following mentioned points are helpful for all those students who want to score 180+ marks in Maths SSC CGL mains exam.

  1. Practice chapter wise tough problems you think or those problems in which you feel uncomfortable in examination hall or those are time consuming.
  1. Learn, understand all formulae and short cuts chapter wise and practice their applications that how they are applied in the examination hall under pressure.
  1. Practice on Calculation speedily– By using addition /subtraction / multiplication of unit digits to get answer fast, use option method ,take middle option ,try to get approx if calculation is lengthy, learn tables up to 20, square up to 30 , cube up to 15.
  1. Daily practice of TWO practice set and mark all those questions in which you are weak and practice them again & again.
  1. Take only 100 Minute to solve 100 Questions. 20 Minute for exam pressure and for filling up of OMR sheet. .

Study maths chapters in a group where they are related to each other in concepts and methods of solution .following are the group:

Group – 1 NUMBER SYSTEM (natural no, whole no. integer, odd no, even no, prime no, divisibility rule, no of zeros, no of divisors, calculation of remainder , decimal no-addition /multiplication/division/subtraction of terminating or non terminating decimal no, ascending/descending order of fractions, square/cube & square root/cube root of natural no )
Group – 2 HCF & LCM of natural No/decimal no/fractions / algebraic expressions and applications of HCF & LCM
·         TIME AND WORK
·         AGE
·         AVERAGE
Group – 5 ·         PERCENTAGE-
·         PROFIT AND LOSS- Cost price , market price discount and selling price
·         SI AND CI- annual equal installment
Group – 6 MENURATION- AREA ,PERIMETE AND VOLUME OF TWO AND THREE DIMENSIONS FIGURE( Use of percentage, geometry , right triangle using triplet)
Group – 7 TRIGNOMETRY – finding value of trigonometric ratio using triplet, calculation of value of trigonometric equation in different angles, finding RHS or LHS of any equation using value 45 and 90 .Use triplet concept-(3,4,5)-,(5,12,13),-(7,24,25,)(8,15,17)-,(9,40,41)
Group – 8 Hight and distance- use concept of 30-60-90 and 45-45-90 and double angle concept
Group – 9 Geometry –
Lines and angles- Radian and Degree
Triangles—Congruency and similarity results, mid point theorem, median theorems , angle bisectors theorems, types of centre and their results- in centre ,circumcentre  ,centroid and orthocenter, Types of Triangles based on Sides and angles and their property and results. Area and perimeter. Properties of cyclic quadrilateral
Quadrilaterals– Types of quadrilaterals based on property of sides ,diagonals and angles, properties of parallelogram, rectangle, square, rhombus, trapezium and kite based on sides ,diagonals , angles , area and perimeter . Applications of Triangles all properties in quadrilaterals.
Circle- Relation between radian and degree, properties of centre, chord, secant, radius, diameter and area and circumference. Area of sector, Segment and Length of Arc.
Intersection of Circles , Types of Tangent – Length of Direct common tangent and Transverse common tangents, Finding Length of common chord , distance between centers 
Angle on same segment, Relations between angles at centre to angle at circumference, Result of intersection of chords internally and externally. Application of properties of Similarity of triangles in circle.
Group – 10 ·         Time Speed and Distance
·         Boat and Stream
·         Trains ,Pole , man and platforms
·         Thief and Police
·         Bullet and Sound
·         Races Between People


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